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Baby sofa chair will help stabilize your baby's back as he learns to sit, protecting him from tipping forward or sliding out. 

This adorable baby sofa is portable and lightweight


  • Upright seating position - helps stabilize your infant's back, while they learn to sit up.
  • Attached seat bottom - Prevents your infant from sliding onto the floor.
  • Lightweight and portable - easily provides your baby with a soft place to sit in any room of the house.
  • Seating support - The upright position also helps prevent post-meal reflux.
  • 360 degrees of comfy support - safely wraps your baby in plush comfort while he watches the environment around him.
  • Premium Quality: is hypoallergenic and gentle on your baby’s skin. Made of high-quality plush and PP cotton, this sofa is easy to clean and store.


☑️Step 1. Place the baby sofa chair on the floor. Facing the seat hold your baby under the arms and gently place her into the seating area.

☑️Step 2. Place one hand behind your baby’s back for support. With your free hand, carefully move her feet into the leg openings.


  • Material: short plush + PP cotton
  • Size: 43 * 43cm / 16.92 * 16.92in approx.
  • Suitable age: 3-12 months, 3-6 months for chubby babies
  • Washable: Machine or hand wash with cold water on gentle cycle

Package Includes:

  • 1* Baby Sofa Chair


  • Due to delivery with vacuum packaging, the surface will be wrinkled after you take it out, but it will be fully restored after one day placing.
  • Do not use on elevated surfaces, do not use in the tub or shower.
  • Do not use as a carrying device, car seat, or flotation device.
  • This seat is not intended for babies to sleep in.
  • Machine wash separately, use gentle cycle, Wash cold, no bleach Tumble dry high, no ironing.